Eine Geschichte von J. zu Bild Nr. 31101


©2000 by J.

Lisa sighed as she finaly pulled into her drive way. Today at the office had been horrible. Again she was passed over for a promotion despite her years of hard work, and frankly she was tired of it. She sighed and got her mail.. bills, bills... another you may already be a millionaire envelopes. At her door was something odd... a plain brown paper package. She wondered who sent it. She hadn't had a boyfriend in 3 years, and none of her relitives would send her a gift. A mis-directed package was the only explination, It must have been for a neighbour. She picked it up and looked at the adress label. Sure enough it was for her, but there was no return address, or rather one smuged so badly she could not read it. Lisa hoped it wasn't a bomb or anything.. or a gift from a stalker. She decided to risk it and went inside.

That evening she had a light dinner and a nice long hot shower. She then went about brushing her long golden locks, when she rememebered the package.
She went to the kitchen and got it, then returned to her bedroom. She opened the package and was unsure what she had gotten. It looked like a pile of black slime. She found it was a pair of boots, made out of a thick black rubber polished to a high gloss. They had 5 inch heels and must have been thigh high. In the package was no explination for them.. just boots. Lisa wasn't sure what to do with them. She'd never seen boots like these, except a few times on tv shows, but even they didn't look quite the same.

"Well I guess if there mine I might as well see if there the right size."
Lisa thought out loud. "But how do I put them on?"

Lisa thought for a moment and decided she knew where to find out. The internet, you could find out just about anything there. Lisa searched for "thigh high rubber boots" and got back at least a hundred matches. She looked through them, most where porn sites, but she eventualy found what she needed. A FAQ on rubber clothes, that had to be right. Ah, it was, Lisa was supprised at all the types of clothes it listed, but the section of boots was just what she needed. Talcum powder... put talcum powder on her legs and inside the boots. Lisa decided why not, she had just shaved so her legs would be nice and smooth. She went into the bath room and used the talcum powder like the FAQ said. The feeling of pulling the rubber up her legs was odd, but actualy very nice. The rubber was slightly cold but felt very smooth.

Lisa looked into her full lenght mirror and was impressed. The rubber boots looked fantastic on her. They hugged every curve of her legs, looking super sexy. Not that Lisa was some old bag, her figure was pretty impressive actualy. She kept fit and trim, had a nicly sized bust, just a bit shy of a C-cup, and slim but not waspy waist, long blonde hair and blue eyes. The boots seemed to make her just a bit more sexy, so much so she decided to do something she hadn't in a long time. She opened her night stand and pulled out her only "naughty" piece of property. It was a vibrator, the one she'd gotten from of all people her mother. She was 18 when she got it, and was told that sometimes a woman needed to have quality time alone. Lisa was a bit of a prude, and the vibrator had seen little use in the 20 years she had it. Lisa bit her lip and turned it on. It worked just like new despite it's age. She slid it into her vigian and had some "quality" time to her self.

Lisa was supprised at her self, she'd only used the vibrator on 5 occasions, each time orgasuming once. But this time she orgasumed 8 times, and the old vibrator could not take it, it finaly broke. Lisa pulled it out and was a gast at what came with it. She expected it to be covered in her jucies but instead it was covered in some oily black goo. She looked between her legs and saw the same goo comeing from her vigina. She placed the vibrator near her nose and smelled the goo, she had expected it to smell foul, signifing something wrong. But it smelled sweet like honey, she blushed a bit and did something very out of chacter for her, she licked some off the vibrator. The taste was amazing, it was sweet and tangy, with a odd after taste.. rubber? Lisa was hooked, she cleaned the vibrator with her tounge, then began to scoop the oily fluid from her vigina with her fingers. She loved the taste so much.. she had to have it all. The fluid did eventualy run out, and Lisa sighed as she licked the last of it off her finger. Then reality hit her square in the face, what had she done? She had comsumed a oily black dischage from her vigian, wasn't oily dischage a a sigh of a serious problem? And she had eated it! She rushed into the bathroom, intent on trying to vomit the stuff up, but she just got dry heaves. She began to feel sick. She returned to her room and lay on the bed.. feeling worse.

What happened next was like something out of a horror movie. Something began to force it's way out of her vigina. Lisa watched in horror as it emerged, it was round, smooth and black. Lisa gasped as it came out, it was horrifying, The tip emerged and then it was clear the thing had several sections. As she watched Lisa felt pain building her her abdomen, she watched as each section became thicker around that the last. In moments something had emerged from her vigian. It was composed of 7 sections of a smooth shiny black substance. Lisa touched it and recoiled when she felt it.. she felt it like it was part of her! Lisa watched at the thing coiled up when she pulled away, then she began to pant as she made it uncurl. This was some kind of tail. Lisa touched it again, examining the "tail" slowly, what ever it was made from was smooth to the touch, Lisa immediately thought, insect. It was like the exoskeleton of a insect, growing from her vigina! Lisa rubbed the tip and gasped, it felt like her clit was being touched! Worse the new "tail" responed, but secreting the oily black stuff. This was worse than a tail.. it was a sex organ! But the changes did not stop with the "tail", the skin on Lisa's belly began to spread apart, more of the shiny black substance being reveiled, it reached from the "tail" to her belly button, several whide black scales, like on a insect's abdomen. Lisa began to cry.. was her fate to be becoming a giant bug? Lisa felt something happening to her behind, she got up and stood before her mirror. She turned and watched as her skin began to spread again, more of the hard shiny black exoskeletion being reveiled. This time it didn't stop at her belly button it continued up her back, over her soulders and her neck. She watched as a large part between her shoulders became even bigger, then cried as a pair of long veined insect's wings began to grow in. She then turned to see the exoskeltion creeping up her front again. It enchased her belly, fuseing to the black armor. She whimpered as it neared her breasts, but surprisingly it didn't cover them, it just stoped, or rather began else where. It grew form the base of her neck and up covering her throat and chin. It avoided her face and covered the sides of her head.. huge clumps of hair falling away as her head was encased by armor. It grew between her eyes with a point. Armor covered her shoulders and a pair of new insect legs grew from her sides, about midway from crotch to breasts. Finaly long antenna grew from her forhead and her eyes became shining compound eyes. Lisa was horrifed at her new self, her eyes now unable to shead tears. She turned away and saw on her bed a pile of shiny black stuff.

Lisa cautiously approched the pile, there was a note this time with it. Strangely her vision, though thru a insects compount eyes, was virtualy the same.

Dear Ms. Rogan,

As your mostlikely are aware the pair off boots you where given have very special properties. As I am sure you are already aware your normal life is over, you can never return to normal. There for I offer you a useful postion. Come to 1919 South Street tonight.. I will meet you on the dock. I have provided you with the remainder of your outfit. I look forward to meeting you.

A Friend

Lisa picked up the pile and found a pair of gloves, like the ones women used to wear to the opera, except made of shiny black rubber. Also there was a rubber halter top and a rubber tube, both shiny black. The gloves and haltertop where obviously to cover her remainging flesh, Lisa was glad at the least she still had hands and feet. The tube how ever what was it for? Then Lisa realized what it was for, the "tail" between her legs. She consigned her self to what ever fate had befallen her and put on the rubber clothes, haveing a bit of a struggle to put the rubber tube over her "tail". She took a long black wig she had worn a few years ago for halloween and put it on, thankfuly the antenna turned out to be very flexable, and a pair of dark sun glasses. She grabed a heavy coat with a large hood and put it on. The disguise was complete. Lisa looked just about normal, the boots and gloves might get strange looks but no screams of horror her new body might get.

Lisa whent to 1919 South Street and was met by what she assumed as a woman. The woman wore dark glasses and a teach coat. Lisa saw she also had on red latex gloves and red latex boots. The two looked at one another.
"You got a mysterious package too?" Lisa asked.

"Yes.. a pair of rubber boots?" The woman asked.

"Right.. you went though some changes?" Lisa asked.

"Yup.. so where not alone?" The woman said. "By the way names Mable."

"Lisa." Lisa said. "Any idea's who did this to us?"

"Suspicions." Mable said. "I suspect aliens.. or something similar."

"But why us?" Lisa asked.

"I assume you got no family, few friends and a suck ass job?" Mable said.

"Oh.. no one would miss us.." Lisa said defaeted.

The two turned to see another woman in a long coat and glasses. Blue latex boots and gloves peeking out. She looked at them surprised.

"You got rubber boots today?" Lisa asked.

The new person nodded.

"This is Lisa, I'm Mable." Mable said. "Looks like the three of us are in the same boat."

"Janet." The new one said. "Your both the kina people who would not be missed right?"

"I expect we will meet a few more women dressed like us and ones who can easily dissappear with out notice." Mable said.

"Maybe I read too much sicence fiction.." Janet said. "But I expect we are going to be offered entrance into a "hive" of people like us."

"I expect so." came another voice, this woman dressed in a black coat, a large hart and black gloves and boots. "Diana.."

In all 11 women arrived, before someone finaly showed up and opened the door to the warehouse on the lot they where at. This person wearing a trench coat and black gloves and boots, how ever the build was wrong for a woman and the boots lacked high heels.

The ware house was huge.. and dark. Once inside the man turned to the assembled women.

"Feel free to remove your disguised ladies." he said as he shed his own.

Lisa removed her disguise and watched the others do so too. All 11 of them where women, and now where the insect creatures Lisa was. Most where black, with matching boots gloves and top, a few where red both there exoskeltions boots, gloves and tops. Also there where two blues, 3 green, 1 yellow, an 1 violet. The man had been transformed like all of them.. except his shape was larger and his "tail" was shorter and thicker. Lisa gasped in surprise when the lights where turned on. The walls looked like a honey combe, with the cell structures Lisa knew bees made. But these where all made of clear plexiglass with doors. Laying in the middle of the room was a bizzar creature. Once it might have been a human woman, but not now. It was mostly covered in shiny armor, except for her head, which was similar to all the other women, and the 4 huge sagging breasts on it's chest. Lisa counted 8 legs, all insect like, and it was bulky and had a huge fat abdomen, it was about 10 foot tall.

"Welcome ladies to your new home." The male thing said.

Lisa groaned, her head aching... a voice was invading her thoughts. She tired despiratly to fight it up there was no hope. Slowly she felt her individuality wash away, replaced by the anonymousness of a social insect.
All around her the other women acted similarly, they too being cleansed of there humanity, there indivuality. All that mattered was the hive. These women, had been chose, transformed so there would be a quick base of workers. Just as there queen had been infected by the alien ooze so had they.

Months later "Lisa" had become a busy worker. Every day new workers where being brought in, being transformed into insects. The work was slow and monotonous. It some times took weeks for humans to be brought from there homes to the hive. The hive had hidden it self well, the warehouse was never linked to the disaperances. None of the workers had been able to fly, there wings just about useless, now all the workers "born" where wingless. "Lisa" climbed up to a cell which contained a human. The human was female and traped in the cell by a sticky membrane of black slime. "Lisa" entered the cell backwards and forced her "tail" into the human's mouth, force feeding her the oily ooze that would make her a part of the hive. The human gagged and tried to spit it out. Poor Lisa, had she only known maybe her fate would have been to become a insect woman.