Eine Geschichte von J. zu Bild Nr. 31120


©2000 by J.

"Model Wanted." She read the ad again. "Model Wanted for fetish clothing shoot. Must like latex, must be willing to appear fully nude. No experience required, apply now."

A fetish clothing model? Jennia thought hard, should she take this job? It would not help her achieve her goal to become a professional swimsuit model, but the pay was good and she had always harbored a secret fetish for latex.
It seemed like good idea, she only hoped she whould get the job, she needed cash now.

The studio was in a nice respectable part of town, not some seedey place. This was not some one's attempt to make cheap porno. At the least it would be high quality. She sighed, this was her last chance to turn back... her very last. She had dressed in a very sexy outfit. A tight black cottom dress, opaque black tights, and some black latex ankel boots. She had considered wearing her latex gloves, but didn't want to be stared at too much on the bus ride to the studio. She slowly entered the building, keeping her hopes up that the job would be her's.

When she entered she nearly gasped at the receptionist. She was dressed in rubber, all rubber. black rubber dress with matching rubber stockings and ankel boots, her arms clad in latex opera gloves. Her brown hair done in a conservative bun.

"Do you have an apointment miss?" The receptionist asked.

"Umm there was an ad in the.." Jennia began.

"Take the elevator to the second floor." The receptionest said. "then go
down the hall, 3rd door."

Jennia took a deep breath, and tried not to stare at the receptionist's outfit.

When Jennia got to the waiting area she found she was no the only applicant. There where at least 10 others. And except for her all where dressed nearly head to toe in latex rubber. One woman had even gone so far as to wear a catwoman outfit. Also most of the women had long hair, makeing Jennia's page boy cut brown hair look much less feminine. Jennia sighed, no way she'd be picked over these women. She raised her head as the door opened.

"Thank you very much miss Chastity." a male voice said. "Your not what we are
looking for right now, but we will be calling you."

The woman who walked out was definitly a stripper. She wore what looked like a sailor outfit, but the front was unbuttoned to reveal a pair of DD-cup breasts straning inside a black latex bra. She also wore knee high black latex boots. Jennia gulped, they'd turned now this woman, who looked like a living wet dream. Surely she had no chance. But then the next girl was sent out, then another and another.

Finaly it was Jennia's turn, she meekly got up and walked into the room.
Inside where 3 men of apprent european descent. All dressed in black cottom slacks and sweaters.

"Hello my dear." One with a english accent said. "I am Alister, these are my associates... Gregor, our costume desginer, and Robert, out photographer."

"My name is Jennia." She said.

Robert suddenly walked over to Alister and whispered in his ear.

"Really? Really?" Alister said. "Why your right.."

"Excuse me sir.. what did he say?" Jennia asked.

"Your exactly what we are looking for miss Jennia." Alister said. "You have
exactly the look we want."

"So I get the job?" She asked excited.

"Yes, you do." he said happily.

"When do I start?" she asked.

"Right now if it's convient for you." He said grinning.

That seemed unusual, but Jennia figured why not.

"Umm sure." she said. "I can start today."

"Good, good.. then if you'd go with Gregor you can get into costume." Alister

Jennia was led into the next room by Gregor. He ordered her to strip and Jennia complied. Gergor asked if she was oposed to a quick shave, and Jennia agreed, but wondered why, she'd just shaven that morning. To her supprise Gregor shaved her viginal area and under her arm pits. Then she nearly let out a cry when he shaved her head. She was about to question when she placed a finger over her lips. He explained it was part of the costume. Jennia sighed and accepted the explination, she hadn't had very long hair so it was not a big loss. Gregor handed her a pair of black latex opera lenght gloves.

She was also given a pair of black latex knee high boots with 5 inch heels. She had some trouble getting them on, but eventualy with Gregor's help she put them on perfectly. The next part of the costume was what looked like the front half of a swimsuit, but it had no straps or any thing to hold it in place. Jennia did a double take when Gregor just pressed it aginst her skin and it stuck. He explained it was a type of medical adhesive, but it would wash off. Finaly a collar that covered her whole neck was given to Jennia, she put it on reclutantly and was led out by a leash attached to the collar.

The shoot seemed standard, Jennia was told to pose in several positions. As the hours passed Jennia felt something odd, it was like a tingel, cented around her breasts. Then when asked to hold a pose Jennia was horrifed as something began to happen. Slowly but surely her breasts began to expand, her smallish B-cup bust growing and grown, becoming a full D-cup in moments.
But the changes didn't stop, Jennia stood stunned as her nipples broke through the rubber, but they where not her normal nipples. Instead they where shiny black nubs, then the began to lenghten they grew into 3 inch rods of what looked like latex. Jennia tried to scream, to cry out, but somehow she could not. She looked down and say the edges of the rubber garment covering her front fuse into her skin, the fusion wasn't seamless but it looked like the rubber was growing out of her body, she let out a small moan as the rubber over her clit grew out into a small bud. Jennia was told to place her hands behind her head and when she did she looked at her under arms, growing there were patches of latex. She gasped as a membrane of a latex like substance flowed over her eyes and nose. Most of her head became encased by the rubber membrane and her rod like nipples slowly tilted up.

All the time Robert had been taking photos, as she changed.

"Ahhh it worked." Gregor said.

"Yes perfectly." Alister added.

"At last..." Robert said in a deep voice. "We have our rubber queen."